Go Make Something

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors made stuff by clanging callous-forming tools against hard bits of rock. Today, all you need to make something is a notepad and an idea.

Screw being a caveman. Whether you’re a designer, writer, filmmaker, coder, UX guru, entrepreneur, illustrator, blogger or artisan cupcake maker – it’s a pretty good time to be alive if you’re in a creative field.

Whatever your idea, there’s a billion tools out there to help you forge it to fruition: Consumer-level 3D printers that let you rapidly prototype your new widget in the same time it takes to get a brochure printed at Kinko’s; Photo,video, and music-making apps easy enough for Homer to use and free enough for Ramen-eating college kids to afford. Smartphones with more raw processing power than the first shuttle that went into orbit. Cameras that would make young Ansel Adams and Stanley Kubrick drool. One-click blog and shopping cart software that can transform a sunday market stall into a long tail global e-commerce phenomenon. Infinitely-explorable libraries of freely-available, non-lame fonts, photography and art. A playlist of free educationinformation and inspiration to absorb and remix. And not to mention a whole suite of self-publishing services to help you get your art onto walls, your novel onto shelves or your housewife-arousing e-book onto kindles. For a start.

Whatever good things we build, end up building us.

But, none of this is anything new. Like soylent green, the most important ingredient in the era of creativity is people. There’s an army of creatives, coders, content-makers, cross-pollinators and crowd-funders out there ready to make your idea kick ass. Raised by Wolves is an ongoing documentation of some of the smartest, most creative, most diversely talented folk in the business. A collection of interviews with people I’ve been inspired by or had the good fortune to collaborate with. Until the ability to store brains in jars becomes commercially available (a la Futurama), this site is an attempt to extract their smarts so we all may benefit.


Bootstrapping is the new black. The browser is the new blank canvas. And atoms are the new bits. Go make something.



This article was written for Raised by Wolves — where I interview creative people like art directors, writers, coders, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, illustrators, and others.


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