Art Direction

Cover design for Island at the End of the World by Sam Taylor.

This was a finalist in Creativity Magazine’s ‘Hearts and Minds’ book cover competition held on behalf of Penguin. After ditching a few failed design concepts, I stumbled across the hellish aerial landscape of Campeche near Yucatan, Mexico. The foreboding imagery and the book’s dystopian themes went hand in hand.

— Design for Penguin/Creativity Magazine

Title by Sam Taylor

The initial idea for the cover was to use the concept of a tiny, dotted island—featured in the top right of the cover and used as a full stop (period). This ended up looking pretty inconsequential and not nearly as clever as first imagined.

Inspired by Google Earth

Google Earth (not to mention drone photography) has unlocked an assortment of breathtaking imagery, ready to inspire all designers. 

Design for
Penguin/Creativity Magazine


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